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MANGO Furniture is the leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality molded plastic furniture

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MANGO offers a large gamut of products in various categories such as Premium, Medium, Economical, Armless chairs, Centre, Dining Tables, Baby chairs, Stools, Dustbins, etc.

MANGO furniture is the most liked brand for home, and office usage as well as commercial usage like restaurants, hospitals, shops, public places, etc.

Brand MANGO has become a moulded furniture name owing to its quality, and colour and reaches across the deepest pockets of the country.

MANGO Furniture has continually reinvented itself in response to evolving furniture trends in the Indian market.

plastic chair


  • To do business in an ethical way
  • To provide constant products and services of high quality, supported by ongoing improvements and innovations, and therefore exceeding the expectations of customers


  • To strive to be our customers first choice when selecting a world-class manufacturer of plastic moulded products, parts and assemblies, and the provider of related technical services.
  • Our collections are designed to make life easier for people: this is why distinctive styling is teamed with outstanding resistance and durability.


We’re very close to you…

With a strong distribution network across India, we’re one of the largest players in the plastic moulded products industry in India. From classrooms to board rooms, from cosy living rooms to happening food joints, you’ll find MANGO products all around you. We’ve something for everybody. That’s why we’re one of the most popular moulded plastic products manufacturers in India.








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  • Polypropylene

  • Sustainable Development

  • Production Chain

  • Environmental Impact

Polypropylene is pure and is not contaminated by other materials

Thanks to this particular feature, it can be separated by colour and reprocessed during the recovery stage, making our products completely recyclable.


Our entire production chain is significantly geared towards sustainability

Our commitment to you


Service has become an increasingly important part of business. Our stocking programs, inventory, scheduling system, and production capabilities insure prompt and accurate delivery with quality products.


All items are manufactured in the state of the art manufacturing facility. At all levels, items pass rigorous quality control testing procedures.


Our stock of various models with range of colors suits most needs. When the occasion arises requiring special colours our sourcing ability is always up to the task.

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