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5 Best Tips to Choose the Right Dining Table

Among the necessary furniture that’s important for a home, whether you are moving into a new one or remodeling an existing one, dining tables are one that holds center of place in it. You can do without a sofa and other smaller pieces of furniture, but a dining table plays an important role in getting the whole family together. It is most often the only place where every member comes face to face. Here is a list of the best tips to choose your dining table.

1. Dining Table Material

A. Tables are not bought to be sold off after a year or so. They tend to be long-term investments and are often expensive. If you want a dining table to last through years of, stains, messes, wear and tear and the like, you should choose something made from hardwood (maple, walnut, or teak.). These can be handed down through generations as a family inheritance. Modern ones like engineered and composite woods such as ply and MDF are durable and strong but may only last for a while.

B. Rustic, worn, nicked, scratched, and weathered wood in its raw grain looks stunning for the dining space. All of the scratches become intrinsic designs and you never have to worry much about stains or damages since they eventually become a part of the piece. Hardwood can be protected with a polish once a year to protect the grain and maintain its shine.

C. Glass is understated, modern, and often goes with any kind of decor –traditional or contemporary. Glass is usually used to light up a space, and using glass on the dining table is no different. Glass dining tables are particularly suited in smaller rooms where the light goes through and thus makes the room look spacious and airy. Tempered glass can resist scratches, heat, and a little bit of rough handling. They are also available in a large number of designs, colours, finishes, and textures.

2. Modular Dining Table

Unlike wood & metal, plywood is lighter, more durable, and can be assembled and packed whenever and wherever required. Such a modular table is sturdy and light to carry. Multiple new designs in modular dining tables are making their path into the market. They are also easier to use in rented buildings or for a short stay

3. Dining Table Has to be Transferable

It is important always to consider how often the table will be moved around from one place to another before making the final decision. Heavy, square,rectangular tables may be quite bulky, and difficult to move around, which create inconvenience when changing homes. As suggested above, round tables should be chosen in any material, even an industrial-looking one. Plastic is one perfect option, which is now available in beautiful finishes and designs.

4.. The Shape of Your Dining Table

The shape is an essential consideration for dining tables since dining rooms, especially in apartments and tiny homes, are often haphazardly shaped. Round tables fit perfectly and look good in square dining areas and compact rooms. They offer flexible seating, can be matched with any kind of chairs, and can accommodate large number of people. Square and rectangular tables provide limited seating because of the uncomfortable leg placement.

5. Pick a Theme for Your Dining room

Bright and vibrant hues for the dining table is a trend that adds a splash of colour and energy to the dining space, but this trend may be outgrown quickly in the future. Although it may be tempting to experiment and be a avant garde, it is wise to stick to basic and neutral colours in the dining table – black, brown and white– because of their durability and their ability to combine with the rest of the room design.


Whatever your choice of table might be, choose it wisely because the dining table is where lasting memories are made. For more decors,design and inspiration, do go through Mango Chairs. And if you need help with yourplastic furniture, don’t forget to get in touch with our experts.

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